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child protective service workers are vendictive and jealous!

From: pissed off mother!
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Date: 31 Oct 2003
Time: 12:33:11
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i have a question! why does child protective services and society expect that parents have to be perfect? no one is perfect and just because u have a child u cant be expected to be perfect. ok heres my situation. i live in a very very extremely nice upscale home and community.. i am a wonderful single mother. i love my child more then life itself and i would die for him! i have raised my son alone all by myself since he was born. he is now 1 years old! but ive totally lost my life! i am so scared to even live anymore because of cps and society! and no they have never been called on me but they almost were called on me over some damn mongolian birth marks!!!!!! but from the horror stories i have heard.......i don't even have any type of life....since my son was born i have gone out 3 times in one year on my own.. is that normal? i mean yea i go to the grcery store and shopping and take my son to the park.. but as far as myself goes.... its going to be 2 years since i have had a date or any type of physical contact with the opposite sex! i dont go out at all.. i have only been apart from my son 3 times in this past year... i went out on new years eve. then once i went to a movie.. and then another time i went to a barbecue.. thats a whole year thats all i have done on my own! i dont allow anyone to come into my home! i havent allowed anyone into my house in over 9 months(except for my mom and dad)! because i am soo scared for anythign to happen and i am terrified to make friends or have a life etc.i have NO friends! because i am 23 years old a single mother, and i work in the adult industry doing modeling (i get paychecks and make about $5,000 a month).....i feel like immediately i am a target to get picked on! because of all the horror stories i have heard. i even watched a documentary on PBS talking about how a lot of the social workers and cps workers are not very educated.. PBS was saying it doesnttake much education or skills to become a worker and it was tryin to expose the fact of that a lot of workers fuck up! exscuse the language . it seems like nowadays they take your kids away for anything!!!!!! i know u are probably wondering why am i sooo worried and youre probably thinking i have a reason to worry.. but no! if anything i am stir crazy from staying home and not having a life! i do not do drugs at all ! i used to smoke pot when i was in high school but after i graduated and moved out on my own i never smoked again. i would like to drink on occasion BUT I DONT :(. i mean id love to go out on a date or to a dance or a little lounge and have a drink but i feel like it will make me a bad mother. i seriously have noo life and im only 23 and i have stopped living! because i am soo scared that if any little thing goes wrong that i coudl lose my child! just from the sick stories i have heard! from what i know it seems like child protective service agent are on a major power trip and have a lot of jealousy! for example they dont make very much money.... all i can imagine is them coming out to my house and seeing how nice i live, i live in the nicest community in my city, you cant even get in the gates unless the gaurd calls up to the house first or if u are on the list! and all the expensive things i have .. and then to find out how young i am and that i am an adult model! i feel like they would just get soooo jealous and right away judge me! and just to be vindictive they would try to take my son away. im telling u after what i saw on PBS i just dont have any respect at all for them or what they do! i heard about one father who supposedly had spanked his 11 year old son! and the kid told his friend at school and the friend told his mother andthe mother called cps and they removed the kid from the father and the kid ended up comitting suicide because it was killing him to be taken from his daddy they say he wrote a note saying he couldnt stand being taken from his dad! i saw the interview with the father and it was sooooo sad! my parents used to spank me when i was a kid and i dont feel liek i was abused! also on PBS one of the workers wasbragging that he had saw a broken glass picture frame on the porch and some beer in the fridge and so he removed the kids! another women had said she lost her kids because she was dating a man who had been out of prison for 8 years! he hadnt been in any trouble since he had been out for 8 years, but just because she had an ex con living in her home they took the kids away! and listen to this.... i had a women brag to me that she had got in a fight with a friend of hers and to get back at her friend she said she called CPS on her and told them a bunch of lies and that the women had lost all 3 of her kids! the girl was bragging to me that she did that and she thought it was funny and she told me she had made it all up! thatsjust sickening~! did anyone watch the epsiode of ER on oct 30th?? where the child fell out of the shopping cart and hit his head and the doctor called cps on her and they were gona take the kid away so she killed herself.. then the doctor felt liek a real asshole! and REGRETTED CALLING!!! and listen to this! my son was learning how to walk and i am always so overly protective of him and my dad told me i need to stop be so overprotctve.. so i said ok. sure enough .. boom he trips and falls hitting his eye on the coffee table! it swolled up huge and looked like a big black eye! the next day at wal mart everyone waslooking at me like i was a child beater!!!!!!!! why do people expect us to be perfect damn it! and my boss's account was tellign us that his wife was babysitting and the kid got in afight with her daughter.. the daughter beat up the little boy andbusted his lip. supposedly the wife was in the bathroom on the damn toilet when this happened. well she got a $4,000 fine and a month in jail!!!!!!!! i dont understand what the hell is going on! it make a person think they cant even take a damn shit! or blink for one second! my son is a toddler and he is always bumping and falling! u cant watch them every second! also i almost got cps called on me because my son had mongolian spots on his back. some asian children are born with them and they stay there and then start to disappear around age 5! well my daycare provider acted as if i was a beater! my doctor had to call them and fax them a letter from his office saying that he was born with them!!!!!! my peditrician said hes had them since birth and he will have them until he is 5! my day care provider apologized over and over and over and even anothe rmother there pulle dup her kids shirt and was showing how her son also wasborn with mongolian birth marks! they appear on the back and butt are an ugly color! even my mother asked me what they were when he was born she thought it was from labor.. but nope hes had them all this time and hes 1 yrs now and they will be there about 4 more years!! but i have just taken him out of daycare and i stay home! grrrr im just frustrated! i feel like i cant have a life because god forbid something go wrong! its like id rahter stay home woth my kid and play with him all day! rather then to leave him with a babysitter and something bad happen to him and them me get blamed. or him fall and bump his nose and then me get blamed! so i spend all day just watchign him and making sure he doesnt even get one scratch! its sooo much pressure! i love my son and i couldnt live without my baby! he means the world to me. he is my pride and joy! and i want to give him the best life i can! i am on ly working in the adult industry to put myself thru college! i am going to be studying law this fall ! i am a great mom! but i dont understand why people expect us all to be perfect! i am just sooooo pisssed off after what i saw on PBS it was sooo sad!

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