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Re: child abuse?

From: hell no its not abuse
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Date: 31 Oct 2003
Time: 12:38:57
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no its not abuse .. peopl elike u make me sick to my stomach.. so quick to cry abuse.. has he had the shit beat out of him? does he weigh 20lbs! does she verbally tell him he will never amount to shit and that hes worthless and she wishes he was never born? does she pistol whip him while taking a hit of a crack pipe? does she make him perform oral sex on her or pimp him out???? get over it man. i cant stand it when i hear people like u whining over stupid crap! crying wolf. so ignorant. leave her alone!!!!!!! and if he regrets the tat when he gets older then why dont u pay for him to get it removed with a damn laser is thats what he wants. damn chill out guy stop looking to cause major trouble. i mean ok cool be pissed about the tat. but chill out about the child abuse issues. u sound like an ass!

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