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Can I move b4 I turn 18?

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Date: 10 Nov 2003
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I've lived in North Dakota for about 4 months now. Before that I lived in th Twin Cities, Minnesota for two years with my mom and step-dad. Things weren't going too well down ther but it was working out okay. Well my dad and step-mom decided I should move to North Dakota with them and my parents in the cities had absolustly no problem with that. But I don't like it here. All my dad and step-mom do is fight. Plus Dad has a drinking problem and when he's not working at the local bar, he is home drunk. Bu tI am not the only one hat is suffering here, I have three other sibliings all younger than me (I am 17, be 18 on December 1). They too feel the tension between mom and dad but unfortunately have no where to go. All though my parents in Minnesota have no room for me, I do have a neighbor who have opened their hearts and their home to me. I know tit would have ts rough times too, but I wouldn't have to put up with the drinking and fighting and everything parents in ND won't let me move, even when I am 18...What should I do? I dont think I can handle it here in Nd for much longer.

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