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Verbal Child abuse

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Date: 11 Nov 2003
Time: 11:23:54
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I have a strange situation... I have a 3 year old son that is currently in preschool and one day my son and a 3 year old classmate hit each other. When the little girl's mother came to pick up her daughter, the teacher explained to the mother that the two was fighting(normal procedures)well the mother then asked her daughter who was the child and her daughter said my son's name. The teacher had already proceeded to continue her normal daily work. The mother of this little girl when to my 3 year old baby and begin yelling at him quote.. keep your da** hands off of my child. I don't play that mother***** s***. The teacher then called security and in the mist of all that she then ended this fowl langauage with calling my son a stupid a**. When me and my husband came to the school to pick up my son there was reports on the incident and I then ask the school authorities to remove the mother and her two children permately out of this school due to the fact that when i called the police that said it was not a crime with the police department because she didn't threaten any body harm to my son. The officers claim the school have to take charge but yet the only thing the school did was instructed the mother to never come to the school again and someone else have to pick up and drop off her kids. I still feel like this is not fair to me because this should have not have happened to my baby and I know he is still tramatize by the whole situation because he still tells me about this lady that made him cry at his school. I need some information as to what steps that I can take regarding this because the same lady work in a school around other children and this may happen again to someone else's child.

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