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my emotionally/physically abused 16 year old girlfriend

From: phillip
Conditions of use: accepted & agree
Date: 18 Nov 2003
Time: 19:52:25
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hello. i am a bit worried.. my girlfriend is emotionally and physically abused by both of her parents. i am 19 and am living on my own and self sustaining a living in georgia. me and my girlfriend have very serious hopes of being able to be together but quite frankly her parents will just not allow it. the last time they found out that she was seeing me they hit her. her parents do not allow her to do ANYTHING. they do not allow her to see me, they do not allow her to see her friends.. they won't even allow her to get a job. she basically has no life other than school. to see her i have to meet her after school for ten minutes before she goes home or she has to take a "walk" and i drive over near her house and we talk for a few minutes. all in all, i am worried, not only for her sake but for the sake of our relationship. neither one of us want to end it but there doesn't seem to be any realistic way for it to continue. she says she wants to run away from home to live with me... but her parents would definitely find her and she would be sent right back home and i would be brought up with charges of "contributing to the delinquincy of a minor." she doesn't want to be put in foster care either. is there anyway of her being able to legally live with me? she would of course need to continue going to school (she is a good student as well), and if she runs away that wouldn't be possible. i want to be with her but i want it to be right. i don't want her to destroy her future for me, but i can't allow her to stay with her emotionally and physically abusive parents anymore either. what can/should we do?

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