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Is that procedure for CPS?

From: Curious Mom
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Date: 20 Jan 2004
Time: 16:00:44
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My fiancé’s kids and step kids were taken from their schools one day by CPS. One of the girls had a bruise or welt on her face as if she were hit, so the teacher reported it and the school called CPS and the police. She was arrested soon after she had called my fiancé to ask if he could take off from work a little early to go and pick the kids up and watch them for a few hours while she does her errands, so she said. He agreed happily, but got a call from her again, she was histerical, saying that the kids were gone and she didn't know where they were and that the police took them from their schools. She had gotten a call from the oldest daughter's freind crying telling her that the daughter was taken by an officer from class and then from school. A few minutes later he got a call from her boyfriend saying that she was just arested at her home for child abuse and that the police were hand-cuffing her at the moment. He asked her BoyF what police station she was being taken to. Then he called the police station and was told the situation and that CPS was going to be taking the 4 children to a foster home. He was told he couldn't take any of the kids, even just the 2 children that are his. My question is this: Is it procedure for CPS to not notify the NCP of what's happening and to also deny him of temporary custody being the situation instead of sending them to a foster home? Did they do that to keep all 4 kids together, even though most foster homes in Hawaii don't take in 4 children at one time?

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