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Re: Is that procedure for CPS?

From: Curious Mom
Conditions of use: accepted & agree
Date: 22 Jan 2004
Time: 11:15:49
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I'm actually on the island of Oahu, and your sis is probably here as well. More than likely she's in an area called Wahiawa - Schofeild, or another called Kaneohe - Kaneohe Marine Base. There are a few others but I'm not all that good with names of too many places. Is she located on a base or in a residential area? But anyway, I do feel he's keeping something from me and I asked him if he know that he can file for contempt. He said he wasn't too familiar with that but that he was thinking he should be taking notes & documenting things. He keeps all his mail and papers - kind of like a packrat - so I told him to pull out his phone records and to start highlighting all the calls he made to her on her cell phone and house phone. That way if ever she says he wasn't making any attempt to contact them, he has his proof. Plus, it's not like she doesn't know where he works. She used to go there to pick up the CS $ before and sometimes she would also drop the kids off there with him so she could go and do her things. We haven't gone up to the apartment to confront her because I don't want him to end up arguing with her, and then ending up with her BoyF jumping in to make matters worse. That's just a precaution we're taking.

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