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Re: Is that procedure for CPS?

From: Curious Mom
Conditions of use: accepted & agree
Date: 22 Jan 2004
Time: 17:10:34
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You said they would investigate him too.? For what? To check if he had previously abused the kids? Or if he has any violence in his recorded background? I don't think he knows how much he has that he can use to get the kids from her. That and we don't have the money for an attorney. We barely make ends meet as is with both of us working full time, but make too much to qualify for any kind of assisstance. Also, being that the kids just about always get their way with thier mother they sometimes refuse to come with their dad, knowing he won't let them get away with a lot of things. Like throwing fits so they can get something they want. He doesn't tolerate that but she always gives in to get them to stop. If you could get away with things by having a fit now and then with mom, why go with dad when he won't tolerate it? That seems to be the in thing with kids these days I've noticed. A few of my cousins are & were like that. When they would come with me I wouldn't tolerate it either. Now that they are older, they seem to listen and cooperate better than before or around me. My whole story is actually pretty long and if anyone is up for the story in whole or specific parts email me at

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