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Re: Accused of Child Abuse, Facing Custody Hearing

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Date: 03 Feb 2004
Time: 10:18:42
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Is this the first time you beat her or is this the first time you got caught? You just taught your daughter that its ok for someone to hit her? Its ok for her to be disciplined with a BELT! You took out a belt and hit your child with it? Someone needs to take a belt to you! Someone needs to hit you with a belt and leave bruises and see if you feel its a worthy result of discipline. I witnessed my father hitting my sister with a belt. I will never forget the look on her face as he slapped the sides of the chair she sat in before her 5 year old butt got the day lights slapped out of her. It scarred me and I was 12 years old and never had the "belt". Go back to the ice age where you belong, because these are the days when that kind of abuse is absolutely not tolerated AND FOR GOOD REASON! Kids do not learn a dang thing from being beaten, it only teaches them that they are SHIT. You will never get respect from that girl again you know. You blew it! Regardless if she is in your house or not.

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