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Re: Accused of Child Abuse, Facing Custody Hearing

From: sometwo
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Date: 07 Feb 2004
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My grandparents raised me and I remember one time my grandfather got the belt after me. It was the only time I remember my grandfather spanking me. Even though I probably deserved it I remember it to this day. I love my grandfather very much and in fact Im the favorite of all the grandkids (Im not just saying that everyone knows it, I guess since he raised me and I did something with my life) Anywa I will never forget that. That crushed me more than anything. It left a welp on my hand also. I was in junior high and I had ran from him so he wouldnt do it and scrunched up in the corner. That's how it got my hand. That is one thing I will NEVER do to my children. I agree with spanking , sparingly though, but no one should hit a child with a belt. There are other ways.

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