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Re: Accused of Child Abuse, Facing Custody Hearing

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Date: 20 Feb 2004
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I am a child of the sixties. As I was growing up in upstate New York, my father "disciplined" me quite frequently.A belt, was one of his favorites "weapon". I grew up with a great sense of respect for others in particular, the elderly.It was always, "Yes Sir, No Sir. Yes M'm, No M'm. " Please, excuse me,thank you, you're welcome".Most of us in the neighborhood had a simmilar upbringing.Decency and respect for others was a most. There were a couple kids who "got away" with just about everything and never punished for it. Well, by the time they were 17, got in trouble with the law and were given a choice: Join in the Army or do five years in prison. I never saw those guys ever again.At the time of the punishment, I hated my father, but after all this years, I am greatful for the way he raised me. I learned about disciplene, respect and how to be responsible for my own actions.Nowadays, my old man would have been incarcerated for life. We do not use corporal punishment with our kids.It's inhumane. There is another way, a lot worse, to keep them in line: Give them prozac, xannax,retalin and have them walk around like zombies. Put them all in a wharehouse-like place and let them abuse each other in every possible way.In the name of "protecting them from the parents",we help them become tomorrow's hardcore criminals and homeless.Are we better of today? I truly don't think so.

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