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Sole Custody/Abuse done to minors

From: Jewels04
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Date: 22 Feb 2004
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My husband was abusive to our children. The baby is his natural child and my son is not. He is an alcoholic and drug user. He physically and emotionally abused the children. I made him leave a year ago and am now seeking divorce and custody. He took the baby away to another state without a car seat or my knowledge and his relative called to tell me of his intent to keep her and not bring her home. The police would not help because I did not have custody. He is living in that state with his girlfriend and her children. His girlfriend has called my house late hours looking for him and cusses at me. I work in a position that I can move overseas or anywhere in the Continental U.S. for advancement.I want to be able to advance in my career and have my children with me. He has only visited the baby once, and he ended up taking her to the other state with the intent to keep her with him. He is not interested in loving the baby. It is more of a control thing. Does a person care when they are on drugs, abusive, provided no financial support to his baby, nor tried to change and get counseling, go to anger management or rehab. I want to be able to take my children to other states and even overseas, as career opportunities present themselved. Since he has abandoned us what rights does he have to stop me from moving out of state or overseas? I am an excellent parent and have worked hard training my children properly, giving them morales and values. I've cared for them alone for 365 days and nights and provided for 100% of their needs financially since he left. What rights have I and how should I prepare for my case? Though I personally have witnessed his abuse to both children and have listened to the tales from my son, we have nothing on record, other than my calling the police department to get them to help get the baby back home. I took my son to counseling. What seems cut and dry to me does not work that way in the Law's eyes. Please help?! Thank you.

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