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Re: Terrified!!!!

From: Marie
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Date: 26 Mar 2004
Time: 03:56:31
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Your husband should be mentally evaluated to find out why he would be sleeping during the day and then not wake up when the child stirs next to him, is this common practice? Advice would be for all parents to be parents this includes the unlisted items not properly noted on the tag a child is born with that says please love me feed me bathe me watch me teach me, oh yeah, there is no tag, I guess it just takes common sense to not fall asleep in the middle of a parenting episode. YOU SHOULD BE WORRIED ABOUT YOUR CHILD SUCKING DOWN BLEACH OR ANTIFREEZE AND NOT WHAT PROTECTIVE SERVICES ARE GOING TO DO TO YOU. She could have gotten kidnapped, nurdered, run over by a car, mauled by a dog, drown in a small amount of water or the toilet (this happens when a child plays in the water and the lid prevents them from getting back out when it falls on their tiny bodies)electrocuted, fallen off of something climbed on, lost for god knows how long or god knows where, the list goes on WATCH YOUR BABIES THEY ARE NOT REPLACABLE THEY ARE DAMAGABLE AND FRAGILE NOT TO MENTION THE MENTAL ANGUISH SHE IS GOING THROUGH WHEN BEING NEGLECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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