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Re: Terrified!!!!

From: Mummah
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Date: 14 Apr 2004
Time: 19:06:41
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My ex took a nap with my son when he was 2 while I was at work. My son woke up in his underwear only and decided to go let the dogs out which was a routine in our house. Wake up let the dogs out. Anyway he opened the door, went out to the dogs pen and opened the gate, but left it open. Then decided to go for a walk with the dog because the dog didn't go in the pen like he was suppose to. My son crossed the road three times, three blocks away at 6 at night and went to the park I take him to every morning before I went to work. The police were driving by, saw two dogs and a small child playing at the playground IN THE DARK. The older dog would not let the police near my son, they had to mace my dog. Once they got my son they brought him down to the police station. Meantime my husband wakes up from his fog (GRRR) and discovers son is gone, dogs are gone, door is wide open, dog pen is wide open, no son in sight. Flips out goes to neighbors, running up and down the road, then finally calls the police in tears. The dispatcher had to tell him to shut up just so they could tell him that our son was ok and they had him. Needless to say...CPS didn't get involved. Every situation is different, I have heard of less scary situations being investigated.

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