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Child Abuse / Neglect / Amancipation

From: Sue
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Date: 11 May 2004
Time: 15:05:20
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My 11 and 9 year old stepdaughters visit their mom and stepday about every other weekend and come home typically with some crazy story about belts and spankings, being left alone with their 4 year old brother and on and on and husband has had them since they were 3 and 5 so the girls have been with us in a stable enviroment with the exception on their weekend visits. We have gone to the police department because of belt buckle marks on the ankle called because of raised red marks on the butt after 48 hours and on and on and cps has done absolutely nothing. We live 40 minutes apart and she has never even seen their house or school. She has some medical conditions - incompetent cervix, anxiety, heart problems and on - however she doesn't take medications. This has gone on for 6 years now...Jonica the 11 year old doens't want to go because she's afraid - this past weekend she told Jonica for the 2nd time this year that she doesn't want her - yelling/screaming - she told my husband to get papers for amancipations drawn up and she would sign them! We do not have an attorney - looking for one that can work in St. Joseph County and Porter County (this is where the original custody change took place because that is where the divorce took place) We live in St. Joseph County. Please help.

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