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From: Jerry S - Texas
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Date: 31 May 2004
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My thirteen year-old child lives with me. My x-wife does not pay any support (I did not ask for any). Our only child together visited per the final decree and orders and this was the standard 1st, 3rd, 5th weekend type arrangement. The divorce came about because of physical abuse against myself by my then wife and my 13 year-old child had to call the police on my behalf. Our child wanted to be with me and to not be with my x-wife. Visitation followed the orders for months until my child said "I don't want to do this any more because all she does is spend the whole time telling me how bad you are and how you caused this entire problem. This child is mature for 13 and is extremely articulate. This child is also in regular psychological counseling. The counsellor has witnessed verbal abuse of the child and recommends, for the time being, no visitation or certainly no unsupervised visitation. My child does not wish to visit my x-wife and is very specific and verbal about it. The desire to not visit is a result of emotional battery inflicted by my x-wife against my chile and myself. My x-wife is now threatening to take me to court for not allowing visitation with the child. The child wishes to tell the judge directly of the desire to not visit my x-wife. I don't have the money to get an attorney and force this issue through the court. Does my 13 year-old in Texas have the right to refuse to visit my x-wife?

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