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need advise

From: concerned mom bout abuse
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Date: 13 Jun 2004
Time: 14:18:08
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I have been divorced from my ex for 13 yrs now, we had 3 children in the marriage, and, one after the marriage. we were awarded joint custody of the 3 children, none for the youngest, due to the divorce prior to his conception. my children are all teens, one already grown. my ex remarried, but to one of my half sisters, everytime my kids are at their dads she abuses them physically and emotionally, (yes i do journalize) and my ex won't put his foot down as to the treatment our kids recieve, just recently, she beat my youngest, now 13 the ex is fully aware of what took place, but yet refuses to stop the abuse/intervien, what are my chances of going from joint to sole? and since we were not marries at the time our youngest was concieved or born, does that make me the sole custodial parent of him? paternity was established when he was 6 yrs of age and only because public aid took him to court for support, not on his own insistance. any advise would be appreciated

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