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History of founded abuse

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Date: 17 Jun 2004
Time: 07:20:09
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My six year old states that he "hates" his mother and wants to live with dad. My ex wife has a history with the Department of Social Services in Massachusetts. Researching I found out that she has four alias' with their office. Each alias has founded issues of abuse. (51A Abuse) She has, on record multiple founded 51A's against her and has abandoned two minor childrn with their dad in the following manner: On a visit one day she brought them to his work place and dropped them off saying "I dont want to see them until they are eighteen" and drove away. She still pays child support but has not seen tese girls forove four years +. She refuses to admit their existance to my son, their half brother, and tells me its none of my business telling my son about these girls. My ex was diagnosed with Munchausen By Proxy, "Passive/Aggressive" Behavior and suffers from hallucinations. These diagnosis all documented in writing. She has a history of smokingot and using oter drugs. She had an issue of criminal history: At a young age she was left to babysit two boys. Upon the parents return they foun one boy locked in a closet and the other sexually abused. This important because recently she has locked my son inhis room many times as punishment. He now fears even going into this room. The victims and the parents are willing to testify in court against my ex. Is any of this abuse history usable in court? Why didn't DSS take action when confronted wit this information?

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