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Re: History of founded abuse

From: Laura
Conditions of use: accepted & agree
Date: 18 Jun 2004
Time: 17:47:32
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All of this is usable...but here are some things to watch out for: "My ex wife has a history with the Department of Social Services in Massachusetts. Researching I found out that she has four alias' with their office. Each alias has founded issues of abuse."*****************If you cannot directly connect those aliases to her, with hard evidence, the judge will throw those reports out of evidence.**************"She has, on record multiple founded 51A's against her"*************Are those in her name? If not, same as above**************"and has abandoned two minor childrn with their dad"**************That won't necessarily hurt her, particularly since she is paying her child support***************** "My ex was diagnosed with Munchausen By Proxy, "Passive/Aggressive" Behavior and suffers from hallucinations. These diagnosis all documented in writing."****************Be very careful with this part. This has to be medical documentation.*************** She has a history of smokingot and using oter drugs.*************Is there documentary evidence of this and is it recent? If there is no evidence or it happened many years ago it won't be considered relevant******************"She had an issue of criminal history: At a young age she was left to babysit two boys. Upon the parents return they foun one boy locked in a closet and the other sexually abused."****************Again, there has to be evidence of this and if she was young herself, it might not be considered.************** "This important because recently she has locked my son inhis room many times as punishment."*************Making a child stay in his room for punishment is considered to be a very exceptable method of discipline.****************"The victims and the parents are willing to testify in court against my ex."**************That is good and will be very helpful, but hard cold evidence, combined with their testimony, would be much much better******************** "Why didn't DSS take action when confronted wit this information?"****************If DSS didn't take action when confronted with this information then you might not have the kind of hard, cold evidence that you need. There are some worrying things here. Professionals do not check for Munchausen's by Proxy unless someone has been accused of abusing a child in that manner. If the accused person is found to have that disorder then they are arrested and go to jail. If she didn't then that documentation may not be valid. The babysitting incident would have also sent her to jail, minor or not, so that one is automatically suspect too. If all you have said is true and is backed up by hard, cold evidence, then its amazing that she even got custody in the first place. If its not backed up by hard, cold evidence then things might actually go against YOU if you try to use those things in court. Have you taken the child to a counselor? If not, some consistant visits with a counselor might help your case. The counselor is trained in finding out just what is exactly happening to the child, and would be an excellent witness. Laura

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