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My daughter's Sister Is Being Abused What can her mother do?

From: MWM
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Date: 22 Jun 2004
Time: 21:31:16
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I just found out today that my daughter's sister on her father's side got punched and hit upside the head yesterday. I personally think that this is abuse. I am trying to find out what she can do because her daughter is only 7 years old. Her mother and I are worried about him doing it again. He see the 7 year old every other weekend and he doesn't see my daughter. My daughter is going to be 3 on Monday. He threw his other daughter a birthday party yesterday and that is where it supposedly happened. I'm not completely sure on what exactly happened, but he has done this before. We want it to stop. We would like to know if she can keep her daughter away from him and not let him see her until something is done. If someone could please help us. We need help fast. Thank you in advance.

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