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Neighbor abusing her children

From: Debbie
Conditions of use: accepted & agree
Date: 24 Jun 2004
Time: 16:44:52
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To try to make a long story short. My neighbor, who is on many different prescription drugs for depression, anxiety, and from obvious observation, she does methanphetamine and marijuana, also. She has two daughters, one 2 year old and one 10 year old. She screams at them all the time using every profanity there is. I've heard her threaten to hit one of them, "again". She has locked her 2 year old outside of the house, and, for 15 minutes, she knocked and screamed at the door. I called CPS and they wouldn't do anything. Even though I have a security system that taped the whole thing. CPS said they can't use this evidence. They wouldn't even ask me her name. I am very disapointed in this, as I have to hear it going on all the time. This person has tormented us to the point where we had to pay top $ to get a restraining order against her for screaming abusive profanities at my family and other neighborhood children, threatening to kill our cats, taking photos inside our windows, poisoning our trees, etc.. (All on film) I have almost gotten her to stop abusing outsiders with our restraining order, but "HER CHILDREN ARE AT RISK. She is going to snap. ANY advice would be greatly appreciated. Debbie

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