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Re: Neighbor abusing her children

From: Debbie
Conditions of use: accepted & agree
Date: 29 Jun 2004
Time: 06:59:26
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We're not sure what happened to make her start this mess. As far as CPS not responding because of the "conflict" that she is causing, I mentioned that CPS didn't even ask her name. They had no idea of who she or I was. I didn't go into that part of it. You mentioned retribution, conflict, courts, etc. I cannot help how she has acted, nor did I want to spend all the money, stress and time involved in hiring a lawyer to get her to stop. I work for a Foster Care agency and it is my mandated duty to report child abuse. Just because I have a restraining order against her, doesn't mean that I should not have the right to report child abuse! I did not do anything to her. Anyone in their right mind would think she has mental problems by just the court and sheriff reports stating just how unstable she is. My problems with her are not the issue here. Her kids are. Debbie

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