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Re: Neighbor abusing her children

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Date: 29 Jun 2004
Time: 19:44:31
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I was not dogging on you at all. The cps agencies take into account that you or she have a restraining order in place...THE SECOND you mention that they close their little notepad, and nod at you, say yes umhm mhmmmm yes, I see. NEXT TIME you call do not tell them that you have a restraining order against her or she has one against you, tell them ONLY the allegations regarding child abuse...what you see, not mention her past behavior, how you view her as a person, ONLY say that you have witnessed child abuse PERIOD. Otherwise they view your attempts to report this as retrobution. YOU DID NOT HAVE to give your name, my guess is that you told them of her past behavior and or the restraining order information. PLUS YOU MUST REALIZE THAT They cannot legally run right out there with flags, and scream to the neighborhood AHA WE GOT HER NOW< HEY YOU LOOK AT ME ARRESTING OR CHARGING THIS WOMAN, they must keep things low key in order to prevent lawsuits for false allegations etc...they may have already done something or investigated and found no sign of abuse, they will go to schools etc, and may have done something that you may not have seen. They are not going to advertise in the paper as to the procedures they took. Please realize that if you ARE doing this in retrobution at all, you are at risk of losing EVERYTHING. False reporting can help you lose even your foster children etc and within that scope you could lose all your Act clearances, so be careful as to what you are reporting and NEVER make it sound worse than it is thinking that that will make them move faster. Good luck.

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