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From: Tami
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Date: 04 Jul 2004
Time: 21:44:26
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You as a foster parent are required by law as a mandatory reporter to report abuse, in most states. I think from my experience with dealing with child protection that sits on their larger butts and do nothing, that you should certify them a letter with your concerns. MAKE SURE THAT EVERYTHING THAT YOU WRITE CAN BE PROVEN. This is from my experience, and along with that letter on the bottom put that there is also the same letter being sent to other agencies as well. When I am sent cases of child protection services neglect, I auto out letters to that agency the county sheriff of that county and one to the governor...this form of legal blackmail seems to get them off their asses enough to do something. BUT I HAVE TO TELL YOU I HAVE DONE THIS MANY TIMES NOW AND NEVER EVER EVER EVER write anything that can be construed as libel, do not use hearsay unless it is direct from the child being abused. In many cases you being a foster parent is enough of an "expert" witness due to the fact that some states require certain criteria. DO NOT PUT YOUR FOSTER CHILDREN ON THE LINE by making anything "more than can be proven" this is hard...I have seen many cases of bruising and battering and when people hit the end of their rope they ADD on to that to say other things that make response iminent. By doing that you risk everything. Stay calm, clear, and concise. Just to let you know also that if this is a chronic abuse situation, the response time will be slower, every state has a criteria of response and within that if there is chronic but not life threatening abuse they will act on it per your state rules and regs regarding this. If you want me to go to bat for you I can and do do that, however you must email me a statement as to what is happening and in doing so you give me the right to advocate on your behalf which means that your email will be given to the authority that I contact. I do not share your name but I have to give them some way to contact you for more information if there is any needed AND all contact I have with any agency will be shared with you, usually I will put your email on the blind carbon copy so that they do not see it but you will have a copy of everything I send out on your behalf..this way I am advocating, but not putting my ass on the line (this protects me against false allegations as well) if you want my help just email me at and we can get the ball rolling a little faster. Tami

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