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Re: Child Abuse / Neglect / Amancipation

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Date: 05 Jul 2004
Time: 12:14:58
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ok..i have a friend..and his parents are unusually mean to him...he use to be into drugs but has been clean for a year and things have only gotten worse.they want to send him off to bording school for no apparent reason. They blame everything on him, it seems like its always his fault even when he doesnt do anything. His mom even told him once that he didnt have a mother and never would. He has called child services and they didnt believe him, instead they believed his parents. This isnt something you can see from the outside or from just talking to the parents. Its mental abuse and his parents will just say what they can to make you believe he is a bad kid. He is not a bad kid at all. He used to work for his dad, which he doesnt anymore cause his dad wont let him. He might not be that good in school and he might have done some dumb stuff in the past, but for the past year he has been doing really good. He deserves parents that love him and treat him good. i dont know what to do for him. I wish i could do something. He really needs to get out of that house though. I know it has to be killing him inside to think that his own parents dont like him. So please if anyone can give me info...please do please!!!!!!

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