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Re: Broken Heart

From: Tami
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Date: 20 Jul 2004
Time: 10:11:03
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God gives us NO more than we can handle hon...I too came from a dysfunctional family. My grandparents raised us as well from early childhood, in 2000 I lost my husband and moved back to my home state to be with them, six months later Papa (grandfather) passed from mulitple myloma, I too HIT ROCK BOTTOM, a month later aunt Pat, one month later uncle Robert, less than a month later my sister in law Judy...everything kept COMING, not having time to deal, we simply introvert and try our damndest to regress, In October aunt Ila, then it went allllll the way around and to make it shorter at the time Gram Shorty committed suicide last year on May 15 we had lost a total of 32 family members in three years. I am thankful you have had counseling, last year was my breaking point and in October I COULD ONLY rock back and forth. I could do nothing at that point, I GOT COUNSELING, and have been going to that same shrink since and omg the bliss of release. When we are slammed like that there is no way to even deal with the cards we have been dealt, the normal grief process gets stuck at the anger and denial stages and they are repressed. The thing that prompted me toward the brink was that I had stopped working more than 20 hours per day and finally my own HEAD was making me deal since I had the time now, and whoa was it a handful. DO NOT GIVE Up, WRITE A LETTER TO Gram, let her know what she means to you, I made a site after all this, Helping others has helped me heal more than anything...if you would like to make a site or a page somewhere dedicated to them, let me know I will help you get started, we need to remember them, share what they meant, what they taught us, how they saved us, they stepped in and from that WE HAVE had the greatest gift, love, and knowledge... here is one site that will help now, (((((((((HUGS))))))))) Tami

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