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HELP!!!!My ex sister-in-law and neice have accused me of physical abuse

From: desperateinoklahoma
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Date: 22 Jul 2004
Time: 10:32:08
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A little history: I have two neices from my brother and their mother has joint custody with my brother. Last October the girls were taken by Child Protective Services in Missouri because the mother failed to protect them and they were sexually abused by a baby-sitter. The mother refused to give details on how to contact my brother (the bio-father) and so none of us knew what was happening at first. When we finally were informed of the circumstances we asked if the father or grandparents and Aunt (me) could have them stay with us until the case was closed or her rights were terminated... we followed every rule, took every class and so on to no avail... they gave them back to the mother in May 2004. My parents and I have had the girls on visitation several times with no problems until now... On the July 5th my father called the girls mom and reminded her of the agreement they had to allow us to have the girls for the week of the 9th - 17th and returned on Sunday the 18th by 1:00 pm. The mother stated that she was having some difficulty with the children minding her after they had visited us and was unsure that she wanted them to come visit. My dad tried to ease her discomfort and asked her what might have given her the impression that we were to blame for the girls not minding her, but she could not answer that and simply stated that she was intending to call the girls therapist and get them into counseling again. So, my dad called the caseworker who was handling the case of the sexual abuse and reunification. He told her everything and informed the mother that she had agreed to this propsed visitation and that her accusations were unsubstantiated, she also said that in comming to this conclusion she had spoken with the children's therapist who informed her that the mother was nonconsistant with her disaplinary actions and was trying to blame someone else for her problems. WOW! We finally thought that we had proven to the people we were not out to get this woman, but that we really and truely wanted what was best for the girls.... wrong!!!! The girls had an uneventful visit, with the exception of a few arguments ith my two children (ages: 13 and 8) over toys and silly things. THEN THE BOMB SHELL!!!! On July 21, 2004 my father received a call while I was at work from the Missouri DHS office, it was the caseworker... she stated that Sunday July 18th; the day my father returned the children to their mother in Missouri, the mother had to take the oldest girl (9yrs) to the ER because she was complaining of her wrist hurting. The findings were negative for bruising, broken bones or any trauma, so they simply stated that she must have sprained it and put her in an ace bandage to ease her discomfort. The mother then stated that the child had told her that I (aunt) had grabbed her by the wrist and yanked her up and told her I wanted to talk with her and that after it happened she went to her grandparents (my parents) and told them what had happened and they just shrugged it off. The caseworker then questioned the child alone about her wrist and she told her the same story, but also added that she did not want to come down here anymore usless her father was here with her. As god is my witness, this never happened!!! My parents have no recollection of her ever complaing to them about her wrist hurting or me hurting her. Her father was here with her all weekend when she claims this happened and she never complained to him. On saturday she was seen by her father, grandparents, and cousins (my 2 children) doing cartwheels in the family room, and never did she complain of any injury. On Monday July 19th she called both I and her father and we had a very plesant conversation about a shopping trip she took with her mom and never once was anything mentioned about her wrist, there was no anger in the child's voice and at the end of the conversation she said she loved me and would see me soon. I am terrified for myself and my children. I have never been accused of hurting a child, nor would I ever hurt one of those girls... I love them and would die for them both. The caseworker said that she had to file a report with the Oklahoma DHS where I live and now I'm afraid that 1) they will try to take my children away. 2) This will go on my record as being accused of child abuse. And 3) I could go to jail. Please can someone help me, I don't know what to do and I am so afraid!!!!

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