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Re: HELP!!!!My ex sister-in-law and neice have accused me of ...

From: desperateinoklahoma
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Date: 22 Jul 2004
Time: 19:21:57
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We did get into contact with the caseworker and she is now saying that it has been filed and a investigator will be contacting me and my family with in the next week. I don't understand why she has taken this so seriously considering we were investigated for the placement of the children and nothing was found then. She (caseworker) has repeatedly taken the word and defended a woman who allowed her children to be sexually abused by not heading the words of family, friends, neighbors or the police. She now also states that she did not get into the details of the injury with the child and that they are waiting on the physicians report. I am not sure that all of this makes any since to me because this contradicts some things that she had stated yesterday. She was so serious about it as though I were in alot of trouble and now she is down playing the whole ordeal! Don't get me wrong I am relieved that it may not be as serious as I was led to believe, but she literaly had my family and I so distraught that we could not sleep. The fact that she stated that she would be contacting and filing the report with the Oklahoma DHS, where I live and where the incident occured had me deeply troubled. I wonder though can they investigate me even though they are out of state and the supposed incident occured in Oklahoma? Do they have interstate jurisdiction or what? I don't know... but I refuse to put my guard down because I have been dealing with these people in Missouri for over a year now and they have told us one thing and then changed their stories on more than one occassion, so I will remain on guard and prepared to defend myself in the event that this whole thing does not blow over. Thanks so much for your comforting advice and for taking the time to read my extended post. I will keep you posted as to what occurs. Thanks again, desperate

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