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?Penalty for FALSE REPORT to CPS in retaliation of landlord problem!!

From: Suzie
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Date: 26 Jul 2004
Time: 00:35:47
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HELP! First off... yes, a laywer is being contacted. But I want to know if anyone out there has any knowledge of what the penalty for deliberate false reporting may be. Oh.. this is a doozy... I have it ALL saved on the answering machine which I will type out for you. CPS is coming out tomorrow regarding this issue. The background: My sister and her landlord had many problems regarding toxic mold found in the house, so through attorneys, they mutually agreed to end the lease. The city inspectors and the insurance company searched the house and did find high levels of mold... which pissed off the landlord because she has to pay for getting it completely out of the house. IE.. HUGE MONEY! My sister was supposed to be moved out by July 17th, but didn't turn over the keys yet nor did she finish taking everything out of the house by t. Therefore, the landlord by law would have to get a sheriff to do a lockout with a court order. But on the 22nd, the landlord's 30 year old DAUGHTER (NOT on the landlord tenant agreement nor the deed of trust) jumped the gun and left this message on my mother's answering machine (thinking it was a friend of my sister). VERBATIM: "Hi Fran, I am so sorry to bother you, but I think that you may be a friend of Alison's and she called me on your phone Tuesday night regarding a property that I rented to her. I just want to ask you a favor to let her know that the next time she breaks and enters into the property I will have her arrested and I WILL have child services take away her children. Um, I have documentation that I changed the locks and um I have videotape of the mess that she had left and um, if..if she wants to, ya know, take this into a...a...if she wants to turn this into a legal issue.. an UGLY UGLY, um, ya know, ugly fight then ya know, then we're all for it.. and, she will not win. Um, please do me that favor and let her know that. Thank you very much." Now... CPS is going out to my sister's new house tomorrow because as it turns out, the daughter actually called them 2 DAYS before she left the message. I know that you are ALL already saying, "I can't believe the girl was STUPID enough to leave all of that on an answering machine because it is admissable in court!" But.. now what was just a simple case of a civil matter (illegal lockout) has turned into something much more serious! My sister knows, as everyone does, that she is a great mom.. and that this idiot girl was trying to scare/extort/harrass my sister by threating her with CPS. What really gets me is that she made the comment: "AND I WILL HAVE HER CHILDREN TAKEN AWAY"..."an UGLY UGLY, um, ya know, ugly fight then ya know, then we're all for it" In my opinion, this is a gross abuse of the law. I have researched the net and found a few things that say that intentional false reporting is a felony! ANY OF YOU HAVE COMMENTS OR WEBSITE REFERENCES THAT COULD HELP? I would really appreciate any insight. By the way, the daughter and landlord live 3 hours away... and don't even know what the kids look like! Thanks all!

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