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Re: ?Penalty for FALSE REPORT to CPS in retaliation of landlo...

From: Suzie
Conditions of use: accepted & agree
Date: 26 Jul 2004
Time: 19:46:15
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Thank you for the EXCELLENT advice and information! CPS came out and did hear the tape. The agent was appalled at what she heard. She interviewed the family, observed my sisters home environment, etc.. and said that she was writing it up as a landlord tenant dispute, and child abuse is unfounded. She then went over to the house where the mold is and said that the house was clean but there were some boxes left inside (personal items), leading her to question why a tenant would leave these items... hence the illegal lockout. Which, helps my sister's case for that too. CPS said that they don't get involved in landlord tenant disputes, but DID tell my sister that she would definitely give her a copy of the report. In a round about way, letting her know that she could use it to her advantage in court. So from here, my sister is going to sue her not only for harassment, but illegal lockout, and loss of property unrecovered. Also... you are VERY right about making public record the fact that mold was discovered in the house. My sister's concern was the same as yours: Make sure that the landlord cannot rent out the house to another family with the hazard still there! My own neighbor has a house that has been sitting for 2 years because toxic mold was discovered (she rents the apartment next door to me and she is still paying the mortgage on her house!). She discovered the mold when her father became very ill 6 mos after they moved into their home, and later she developed emphazema! It is a HORRIBLE thing! Get this... my father checked out the public propery papers of the landlord (whatever they are called) and discovered that the area that was added onto the house is where the mold was found was NEVER recorded. So, this woman is in trouble also because whenever you add a room with plumbing and/or electrical, you have to have it approved and inspected by the city... which means property taxes as well! Ohhhhh... this lady reallyyy opened a can of worms!

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