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Re: Fighting to get my babies home please read and try to hel...

From: JCP
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Date: 30 Jul 2004
Time: 22:01:32
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also i was woundering if my aunt allowing my baby to call her and my uncle mommy and daddy is the start of P.A.S.? It dont stop just at them either my aunts son and daughter refer to them selfs as sissy and brother to all 3 of my children. I do not feel comfortable with this, dont get me wrong i fully understand my baby putting the mommy and daddy label on them seeing they got her at such a young age but shouldn't they teach her that they are aunt and uncle? My Aunt dont allow me to see them enough for me to teach her that im mommy, when i do see my children it breaks my heart to hear her call them mommy and daddy. what is your take on the whole situation does it sound like the start of pas?

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