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Re: false allegations made be ex-wife concerning daughter

From: Rick
Conditions of use: accepted & agree
Date: 03 Sep 2004
Time: 16:50:58
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This allegations are quite common these days.Unfortunately, there are some nasty and wicked ex-wives out there who wouldn't hesitate for a moment to create chaos not only in her ex-husband's life but her own child's as well.The reason they do this is simple: they want sole custody and to give the father supervise visits.Another reason is that they use their own flesh and blood during the early years, usually between birth and 8 or 9, because is a lot easier to 'coach them/brainwash them. In my years involved in the study of this nasty behavior, I haven't seen many mothers using their 12 to 15 years old daughters to make such allegations, for their own sick pleasure and evil amusement. Kids that age, usually KNOW the difference between right and wrong.Make sure your husband keeps records of everything done to the child: Therapist report, psychological report, police report,transcripts of every court appearance. If legal in your State, record telephone conversation with this woman, threats made to you by her,statements, in short, BE PREPARED.At the end, when ALL allegations are proven unfounded, go to the State Attorneys Office in your town and demand that she be prosecuted.Making false allegations is a felony, punishable with up to five years in prison. They may not do anyhting to her, but at least, you will have a copy of your complaint in case she makes the same allegations in the near future. Don't be surprised if she does. The best of luck to you.

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