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Date: 27 Sep 2004
Time: 01:26:23
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I am a father to 9 children. 3 of my children recently came to live with me due to a bad situation at the bio moms house. Well, situations and environment There is neglect, abuse, parent child role reversal, smoking, alienation, verbal abuse of myself and my girlfriend. Physical threats made to myself and my girlfriend. Constant change or cancel of parent time. Lack of concern for regular health checks and shots. Regular dental visits missed caused to severely decayed teeth and dental work needed. Bio mom creates hostile exchanges of the children. Police have been involved to maintain order. Bio mom has not been affected or changed attitude during those times either. Actually got into it with one officer and was still screaming and yelling. Bio mom does not sensor self around children constantly informing of all adult issues. This is just a very brief overview of things that have occured. Now the children are in my home and attending school here. Bio mom has a PO against her and the hearing is Tuesday the 29th of September 2004. On Sept 04 Bio mom called in am stating she had been in fight with boyfriend and that she was leaving him and that her brother was bringing children to me. I was to register them in school and they were to live with me. She was moving up here and would be a while and then we would see how it went. Advised Bio mom that if children were put in school up here that she needed to understand that they were going to stay through the school year. It is not beneficial for them to be uprooted again. Bio mom agreed and stated she understood. Bio mom was the aggressor of a domestic dispute and children were present during this exchange of violence. Children were very aware of what was bein said and what they were seeing. DCFS notified of this abuse and others. and case opened. PO order issued by the Father (me) and girlfriend to prevent Bio mom from further abuse towards children. Bio mom still was to get visitation. Not utilized. DCFS worker is not working for the children and their best interests in my opinion. He has informed Bio mom reg PO order before served. and of court date and what she needed to do. Bio mom did not utilize the visit until after a call to dcfs was placed and the case worker stated that he need to talk to bio mom some more. Then an hour and half after that call Bio mom called to set up visit.No other contact has been made. Bio mom is living with parents and has no place of employment to my knowledge. Children do not want to leave. CHildren like to be here and actually get to be children and be able to be dressed and hair done for school. Children like not having to be the parent as well as they are happy away from the fighting. CHildren are thriving very well vs the poor conduct at prior school. children are aware and all to happy to accept role in family as a sibling, child, and that is it. Children have asked to stay with us through guardian ad litem. No contact from DCFS worker to inform of status of case no help from the part of the DCFS worker. We are out on a limb here in a hurricane is what we feel like. We are unable to find help for these children and helping make their lives better. Please help us or guide us to where we need to go. We are of very limited income. Legal aide stated this is case they would normally take but no funding. So again out here trying our best. Please help me be able to make a better life for these children. THey dont want to be returned to a home where the repercussions get taken out on them. I dont want that. I cant stand when my children beg to stay and not send them back to BIo mom. IT ripps my heart out. Please contact me asap with anything that you can help with or that I need to do or go to. THank you so much. BIlly zimmerman. 801-955-3318

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