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Date: 13 Oct 2004
Time: 15:11:03
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Hi I am a 16 (almost) 17. I am wondering about the laws on emancipation here in Minnesota. Social Security told an adult friend that I could have that done, as she told them about my situation. My dad has died, so my mom collects Social Security money for me. As much as I have read, I understand that money is suppost to take care of my needs. My needs haven't been met. She wont even pay for me to get my permit, she hasn't botten me clothes so I wear the same ones, same old shoes that are worn out. She complains if she has to drive me somewhere, even to a doctor appointment, so I try to find other people to bring me. I try to get a job, but I can't because she wouldn't bring me. And once she started collecting she got a backpay check of $10,000.00. She spent alot of that on her past student loan and bills she had overdue. She dosen't have a job and hasent had one in over 2years. She is ! an alcoholic by all means, and I have 3 other younger siblings, which I have takin a great deal of carer in the past ALOT, not as much now in the past month. I feel that is only because she was worried I might actually do something about it, and that school has started. Social Security says I need to report the fraud right away. I don't want to do that before I can, if possible, get emancipated first. That is because whenever I report her she yells at me and stuff, it just isn't right. I've talked to people in my county (Morrison). They never did a thing. I have talked to a social worker and the police. They didn't seem to care. There is a school officer that knows what had gone on in the past few years, so I guess he could vouch for me, along with others that know information reguarding this situation, along with her checkbook, that says it all. I would appreciate it if you could give me some information on some facts and who to talk to to get things done.

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