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Trying to help my sister

From: Jo
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Date: 03 Nov 2004
Time: 15:22:56
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My sister just got married in June. Since then I just found out her husband had Intercourse with my 16 yr old daughter, who at the time was 15. I don't know if it was forced or she was under the influence of alcohol, I am in the process of filing charges against him for statutory Rape. It has also been determined that he abused and neglected my Nephew, his step-son, who now lives with his paternal grandmother. My sister felt she needed to get him out of the home. She shares a 4 yr old daughter with this jerk and She has since gotten the nerve to leave him. She decided to leave him after i finally told her about my daughter. He has made her cancel several dentist appointments stating they didn't have the money to pay the co-pay and bill. He would get very angry when she would by something or want to go out with me or friends. This ALLWAYS caused a fight. I know this to be a fact. He has now taken all the money they didn't have and hired a lawyer with a reputation of not easing up for any reason. Stating Neglect on my sisters part, and that she abandoned her son. When he was the one who said on several occasions and he told me that if he saw him(my nephew) that he didn't know if he could control himself, becasue he said he was lying and he couldn't stand to look at him. The jerk and my sister work in the same place just on different shifts. My sister moved in with my brother for two weeks but had to leave because of his lease. She started talking to a guy that works on the same shift as she does and he told her she could stay with him and his son. I know this was not smart on her part but what is done is done. He served her with papers today to pay make her pay for his costs, court costs, etc. He accused her of an adultress affair while they were still married and he also wants full custody of their 4 yr old daughter, who is afraid of him, and he wants her to pay child support. I have seen him drink excessivly, and he has made statements to me about taking pills. I would like to know if there is a chance that he will get custody of my 4 yr old neice, if he does we will never see her again. Please advise if you can.

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