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Article 469

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Date: 05 Nov 2004
Time: 14:23:23
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My children's father has a violent relationship with his on again off again girlfriend. I took him to court two years ago and lost sole custody but was awarded other things. today's situation is- he filed a restraining order against her, which he won temporarily. The order states that she is emotionally abusive to the children. The letter from her that I read also says she had been talking bad about the children and me to him and the kids. When she is around he doesn't see them regularly. He doesn't pay ordered child support. She's also called the police on my ex claiming that he leaves the children alone. She's tried to kill herself, is mentally unstable and refuses medication etc. The kids said the cops had been there more than that one time regarding them being left alone. I knew about one incident. My ex was also arrested in front of my oldest son when the police went into his house with a search warrant. They took him to jail and called me to come get my son. I helped him get out of the situation because of the trauma my son was incurring. When I took my ex to his house we found drugs in the house. He hasn't been charged yet, but they can arrest him again for receiving stolen property. Long story short. He's moved this woman in again. The children requested therapy again and we went. As we updated the therapist, because we had not seen him in a while, he's stated that I need to get restraining orders against them. Her for abuse and him for failure to protect. That if something happens and I knew things weren't good I would also be subject to failure of protection. This isn't a problem and I will do what's necessary, but I make just enough money not to qualify for any legal assistance and not enough to pay for an attorney. Being as i took him to court over this same issue once, and in light of the new information I need an attorney, help and advice? Where do I start?

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