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stepson abused by his mother

From: greatstepmom02
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Date: 23 Nov 2004
Time: 23:14:11
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Thought that it would be important for all those women out there who hate step-moms to know that there are some great ones and I am one. My 8 yr old step son was beaten with a broom stick by his biological mother and bruises were noted all over his body. His head was full of ring worm. To make matters worse, this woman had kept this child away from his dad and I for 7 whole months without any communication. After numerous attempts to contact her to no avail, we finally went to court and that is when we got him... It was at that visit that the bruises were noted and the race began with social services orders of protections etc against this woman. Full custody was awarded to my husband and the child has been great ever since. He had periods of crying and nightmares from the awful abuse that I stayed awake and rocked him to sleep at night. Since then we received full custody and the mother has only supervised visitation rights of which she does not exercise at all. In nine months she has only seen him twice but has been out of the country with her boyfriends, makes excuses (and even lies about going to funerals) so she does not have to see him, and makes threats telling him that she will never come see him again, if he does not say he wants to live with her. So for all of those people out there who seem to think the "stepmom" is the horrid individual. Think again. Sometimes we are the "only" mother that a child has.....

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