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Child Abuse/Neglet Amancipation

From: Sara
Conditions of use: accepted & agree
Date: 05 Dec 2004
Time: 10:01:40
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My parents have abused me mentally and phisicly over the years my father is worse then my mother he has pushed me down my basement stairs and has slaped me across the face severel times on different occations, he has also hit me with a belt on the bottom. my mother has hit me with shoes and has put me against the wall with her fist in my face threating to punch me in the face. They also negect me such as i have barley any cloths compared to my two sisters and my parents. My parents also over work me such as i come home from a long day at school and as soon as i get home i have to start cleaning the house well my little sister gets to play at the park and my older sister gets to play online and talk on the phone. i am sick of the abuse and being neglected and treated unfairly i need to get out i need to be on my own i have a job i work part time i think i could support myslef but i am not 18 yet iam only 15 so you you have any info about how i can get amancipated email me At

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