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In Need of some serious advice!!!!

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Date: 16 Jan 2005
Time: 09:04:34
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To whom ever reads this PLEASE understand everything you read.....Well lets see I'm 34 years old and I been divorced now for 10 months...I have a 13 yr old son. Who lives with his father....I pay child support...Twice a month....I wanted custody but he had a better lawyer then mine....The reason I got the divorce in the first place was I was tired of him hitting me and bring women home to sleep with them right in front of me. And if i said NO then he would beat me up and call me names I've had the police at my house 22 times and begged them to take him away . Yes some of it is my fault I'd change my mind. You get so used to somethings ya just don't know whats right and whats wrong. He would call our son names awful names. Make you want to cry some of the names. He do in in private and in public. Well as of Oct 3rd I stood up to him and said I'm leaving. I had no money in my pocket no place to go. But all I knew was I was leaving him. He said were do you think your going? I just told him it was over. and he said I was not aloud to take our son which in a way he was right I had no Idea where I was going. I finally moved in to His cousins house lived in the basement. 2 weeks later he had a women move in. There now married and he has Been to thrown in jail and let out 15 times by his wife.....she doesn't work and either does he....Now I have a ex-parta he is not to contact me or call me or write me. But he still writes me harrassing letters of what a piece of sh-t I am.....Now remind you I live in Florida and he is in Tennessee....he makes threats that I'm going to go to jail that he has filed false reports I mean stupid sh-t . I talked to Tennessee but they say I need to go to Tennessee and make an appointment .....For one I ca't leave work and do that....So I called Florida Domestic Violence hotline and they said well we can try and help but thats a Tennessee issue....Now my son has written me and said he is taking pills and wants to kill himself... I faxed the letter to Tennessee CPS and Nashville...And My son now says That I have a problem and why can't I stay out of it.....And once again my Ex-husband is on my ass again...and says I better get in my head that he makes the f--king rules and he says what goes and when I can talk to him. and now when ever I talk to my son on the phone my ex tapes our conversations, Reads my mail and when Ryan writes me he opens up the mail and he then writes me and tells me don't put words in my childs mouth. and I don't talk to him I either hang-up but now he says if I don't listen to him he will block my calls and says I run the show. I just want him to leave me alone I don't even want the custody anymore because I think he has my son playing the games now I just want him to leave me alone and let me pay child support. and let me Live my own life because sad as this may sound I have 4 more years of paying child support and I just cant deal with this anymore.I love my son very much and I don't mind paying but how do I really know the money I send to 2 unemployed parents that my son is getting the best?

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