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Mother with custody accused of abuse, Father , Kids penalized

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Date: 21 Jan 2005
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My wife and I hve been seperated for the last 18 months. My 5 year old Son and 4 year old Daughter have been living with her. My Children come to my house on weekends and some holidays. I give my wife money and I pay for clothes, toys, ect... In November my Wife dropped off the Children at school and my Daughter had a bruise on her cheek. the Teacher did the right thing by calling the Illinois Department of child and family services. My wife admitted she lost her temper when trying to get my Daughter dressed for school. She said my Daughter was having a temper tantrum and that when she yanked down her shirt she may have accadentally hit her on the cheek. Although my Wife and I don't get along personally, I know for a fact that she would not abuse our Children. It was an accident and I believe Her. D.C.F.S. investigated the matter and she was put on supervision, with weekly check-ups by social workers. I was also put under the microscope, (interviews, background checks, ect..). I fully understand. Three weeks ago I received a voice mail from the D.C.F.S. caseworker saying that my Children were in the process of being put in the care of the State. It turns out that my Daughter had another bruise on her face and the school called to report it. I asked where my Children were and told them I would pick them up. They told me that it was not policy to take Children from the care of one parent and give them to another!! I don't live in the same house as my Wife, I have never been under investigation of abuse, nor have I ever been suspected. I love my Children and they love Me. Untill this matter is resolved I think the best place for my Kids to be is with their Father. D.C.F.S. gave me exactly 10 minutes to find a Family member who lives in state to take the Children. They said they we're in the process of placing them in State Foster care. For some reason they wanted to give my Children to complete strangers instead of Me. I thank God that my Aunt and Uncle were home. We are a loving Family, and of course they said my Children could come stay with them. The hearing in front of the Judge was only 4 days away. Nobody, including my Wife, thought there was any chance that the Judge wouldn't let the Kids come home with Me. That is exactly what happened. I was appointed an assistant public defender to speak for me. It was as if I was the one being accused of wrong doing. I have heard before that in matters of D.C.F.S. you are considered guilty untill you prove yourself innocent. That is completely true. Why should a 4 & 5 year Child be subjected to this kind of mental trauma? They can't understand why they aren't allowed to go home with their Daddy. Although My Aunt's house is safe and loving place, there is no substitute for a loving parent. My Children now have to stay at My Aunt and Uncle's house for the next 2 months. They have to change schools and generally be ripped away from everthing they have become accustomed to. THAT IS NOT FAIR!!! They have done nothing wrong and neither have I. Why should We be punnished for something that was out of our control??? Our next court date is March 15 and I can only hope that the Judge will finally look out for the best interests of the children. They need to be with their parent.

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