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Abuser wants to move kids out of state

From: Terry
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Date: 31 Jan 2005
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My son is at the end of his rope. He divorced the mother of his two children , girl 15, and a boy 12 in 1998. He has been involved in the childrens lives with regular vistation, school meetings, DHS meetings about their welfare, and even took her and the kids into his home for a few months when she could not pay for a place to live. There have been numerous reports to DHS by school, family members, even her own friends about niglect and abuse by her on the 15 yr old girl. This has been over a span of about 4 yrs. but there has been very little done about the abuse. The girl, up untill about 3 yrs ago an A & B student now she is in and out of trouble, running away, and a number of other problems including trying to do self mutalation and possible suicide attempt. The boy has always been her perfect boy but now he too is getting in trouble in school and wants to also be with his dad. The mother has had hot and cold running boyfriends ( married and unmarried) the entire time she has had the children. She told my son three days ago that she is going to move the kids from here in Iowa to Texas where her stepmother lives. She is going to move in with her where the stepmother already has two other of the mothers adult siblings living with her. The mother has no job to go to or any stability for the children. The divorce papers give them both joint custody and she has physical care and control of the kids with reasonable visitation. There was a schedule set up in the divorce papers for visits. How can he stop her from taking the kids out of the state? Does anyone know a Good lawyer in the Boone, Ames, or Des Moines area. We don't know what to do.

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