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Please Help!! Ex-Husband Arrested for Aggravated Assault of Son

From: Karen
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Date: 05 Feb 2005
Time: 18:56:04
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I need help really bad. I have 2 children who live primarily with my ex-husband because at the time of our divorce I had no income. Over the past couple of years there's been reports to DFACS here in Georgia regarding his new wife and his maltreatment of the children. I know of 4 reports and 2 reports filed by the children's school and child care providers within the the past 5 months. Recently he was finally arrested for aggravated assault against my 11 old son and was released the following day on bail. We ended up taking him to the hospital were he was diagnosed with bruises and a sprained ankle. I currently have both children in my custody for their weekend visit. Now he is demanding that I return the 6 year old stating that he has only been told to stay away from the child that was currently abused. I've called the police department, DFACS, magistrate office, etc. and they all tell me that I will be in contempt of our custody agreement if I do not hand over my son. What can I do to protect my son? I'm in the process of filing a motion to change custody agreement, however, I very afraid of the contempt charge. I'm working on obtaining a lawyer, however I'm a single parent with limited funds. Thanks

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