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need suggestions

From: Alex
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Date: 01 Mar 2005
Time: 06:30:50
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I have a 6 yr old daughter who I just started visiting again after not being able to see her for over a year.(her mother kept her from me) I want to take custody but I dont know where to start. the mother constantly changes residences and boyfriends. that is her own business but I dont think that my daughter should be brought along for the ride. also, my daughter is only in kindergarten and she is already on her 3rd school this year. may daughter will not take things i give her home to her mothers/grandmothers because "mom might throw them out because you gave them to me". i really belive that my daughter is being taught things that a 6 year old should not know. what can I do? would these things help me gain custody of her?

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