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Is it verbal abuse?

From: Kitty
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Date: 05 Mar 2005
Time: 17:35:07
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Hi, I'm fourteen and I have two younger siblings, a six-year-old and a four-year-old, and a stepsister who is 15. Our mom yells at us almost all of the time, and it makes me feel sick sometimes. She's never said anything too awful, like "I hate you" or "I wish you'd never been born", but she'll go off on one of her rants for almost no reason at all, like a glass of milk being spilled. I know she's stressed, because of having four homeschooled kids plus working, and she always apologizes, but it always makes me cry, and occasionally she hits us though she hasn't hard enough to leave a mark for years. She curses alot when she yells, and she's called my stepsister (the 15-year-old) a "f***ing b****". Her rants usually last at least twenty minutes, and she'll yell at us on and on, and if we try to walk away grab our arms hard, and she does this at least once a day. Is this abuse?

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