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Adopting One's Newphew

From: E. Liza
Conditions of use: accepted & agree
Date: 26 Mar 2005
Time: 23:21:32
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My Sister in Law treats her child like sh** .. (ex. he lives off of pizza rolls, kix and raisins.. She watches tv all day instead of watching him, she leaves him alone in the bathtub, she ignores him mostly except when she is in someone she doesn't knows presence then she is role model mother(ha!)She slaps him in the face (only occasionally.. but still!! ) She lives with her father whom takes care of her but he doesn't want to raise a child.. he was a single father and he is getting up there in age and isn't physically able to start again. She doesn't want to give her child up( He is going on 2 in july..) but she doesn't want anyone else to have him. What are my options? Can I adopt him? Is what I said Neglect? If she doesn't want to be a mother is there any chance of her reforming? Please help I am concerned for a child that has no voice...

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