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Abuse or paronoid?

From: Traci
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Date: 30 Mar 2005
Time: 20:02:35
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I had gaudianship of my niece from april to dec of last year. she was 1 in october. the maternal grandmother, AN ALCOHOLIC and step grandad took the mother to court and got her for deprivation and they were awarded temp. custody for 2 years. DFACS, who is suppose to protect our kids, favored for them without any investigation or study on this family and their homelife. ever since it has been constant bullcrap, the mother of the child lives there and she calls me every other night b/c her mom is drunk raising tee mortal hell cussing screaming and this is very disturbing to me because my niece NEVER had to deal with this in my home. just this past weekend this woman drank 2 24 paks of beer and a bottle of wine. the law has to go out there all the time, only because i call them b/c the mother of the child is scared to. they wont do anything b/c they say shes not abusing my niece. i have got to get my niece out of that house and back here in peace with me and my family. the never even saw this child for a year the whole time i had her. she went to a house full of strangers and drunks. what can i do? DFACS is a BIG JOKE, they dont care.

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