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I don't know what to do

From: confused wife
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Date: 04 Apr 2005
Time: 14:51:00
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I don't know what to do anymore. I love my husband but when he gets really mad he'll push or hit me and our son. Yesterday he was drunk and we had an argument over our child being awaken by my sister coming over. He told me to get out of our house and would not let me take my son or even get near him. I was scared that he might hurt me if I didn't do what he wanted so I left hearing our son screaming and came back 20 min later to see if he had calmed down. My son, who is only 18 mo. was red from screaming and crying and my husband was just sitting there with a horrible look on his face of anger. As soon as I picked my son up he stopped and I lay him down for bed. This morning when my son woke up he had marks across his face and a slight bruise under his eye. I think my husband smacked him across the face. I asked him if he hit our son and he denied anything. He has admitted to hitting our son before when i discovered a huge bruise on his lower back. My husband claimed he was just disciplining and didn't know he had hit him hard enough to cause him to bruise. With me, he has cried after hurting me and told me I push him to do it. He's pushed me, hit me slighty, grabbed me in a hurtful manner, and put his hands around my neck as if to choke me. I'm scared to talk to anyone. My sister was concerned last night and I lyed about it to her so she wouldn't suspect that I was worried or scared. I know that I need to do something but I never can bring myself to do anything. When he hurts me I feel like I really am pushing him to do it. I think it's wrong for me to blame myself. With our son, I don't care what happens or what he does, my husband shouldn't lay a finger on him. I want to call the police and have threatened to many times before, but I'm just so scared. Someone please give me some advice. I feel like all I can do is vent but I don't want this to go on.

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