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Re: I don't know what to do

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Date: 06 Apr 2005
Time: 02:42:18
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I have been in your situation, mostly I was the one that felt as you do. But I one day saw my husband literally drop our 3 mo old daughter into her playpen (about 6ft to the ground) that minute I was gone I didnt take a damn thing becasue I was scared of him. But that very instant I picked up my daughter and literally ran to the car. Did not ever see him again until court for a divorse. However I did not file charges against him ever becasue as any abused woman knows that will only add to him being pissed and things will get worse. In your situation I would file charges with Childrens Services if he has actually admitted to hitting your son many times only becasue he may get some visitation but with a true finding of abuse that is doubtful that it would be unsupervised. I know your scared so dont file anything on him if your dont want to. But honestly as hard as it is, you think you can help him, you think deep down he really loves you, etc etc etc. Have you seen sleeping with the enemy (Julia Roberts movie) he is only using tactics to keep you around. The only way to do it (leave) is to just bite the bullet and take off. Don't think about it for even a minute longer or youll stay for whatever reason. I promise you having been there, done that.....leaving was the best decision also the hardest decision i've EVER made in my life. My daughter no longer has to live with her mom and dad arguing every day will never see her mom get hit by her dad an mostly how you feel (scared, unimportant, ruled) is exactly how your son will be raised to feel in that situation. Thats not good. It is a hard thing to do, but if you can't leave for your own good. Honestly "Do it for your son". Good Luck, dont wait until its to late.

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