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Mental child abuse

From: Aunt in Oklahoma
Conditions of use: accepted & agree
Date: 21 Apr 2005
Time: 10:23:48
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My brother and sister-in-law left their children(2 girls) with my sister-in-law's sister until they got back on their feet. They call and see the girls often, until the sister told them to not call and come by as often. Now the sister is fighting for custody of the children. The only thing is the eldest girl is treated badly, mentally. She's not allowed to sit on the furniture. The youngest girl runs wild and does what ever she wants to. They eldest has to go to bed by 8pm while the youngest child stays up as late as she wants to. The sister also leaves the girls with her drug addict father, when she wants to go out partying. My brother and sister-in-law want the girls back but the sister won't give them up because she can't have children. She doesn't want the eldest of the two, but she'll keep her just to be spitefull. I believe its wrong. The eldest child has been made also to repress her emotions. In a way the sister is trying to kill the eldest by making her into an emotionless robot. The eldest child when around the father's side of the family, starts showing the little girl we know her as. She smiles, laughs, and plays with all her cousins. The girls need to be takened out of the bad situation they are in.

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