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mixed up

From: me
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Date: 15 May 2005
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I'm 14 rite now, and I'm so mixed up with my life. My parents are never home, seriously, almost never. My dad works 14 hours a day and my mom almost as much. When I was younger, my mom was abusive to me. She would hit me, kick me, bite me, punch me, everything you could imagine. Even though she hasn't left any physical marks on me now, I know she's left an emotional mark on me. It's like after I turned 8 (when I moved to the U.S)I lost my parents. All my friends, even if their parents are divorced, have this great life where their parents at least spend time with them. I do love my mother, but I don't feel I can live with her. She can't do much physical damage anymore since I'm taller than her and stuff, but I cry so much over her. I always feel like a constant failure. I don't know what to do, my mom's abuse still hurts me. What should I do?

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